Our Story

We are excited to bring a new type of studio to Little Rock, Arkansas that combines the benefits of yoga with dry salt therapy. As a family-owned business, we seek to bring a unique customer experience to Central Arkansas. We will provide first-class service and an experience you are accustomed to getting at your favorite spa.

Our life together officially began when we got married in April of 2017 in Little Rock, AR. Prior to that, Tori worked as an attorney in Washington, DC. While in DC, she discovered yoga and all of its amazing benefits. She became an instructor and has slowly tried to integrate other aspects of wellness and mindfulness into her life. In addition to her passion for yoga, she enjoys exploring natural treatments for everyday ailments, cooking and eating in a way that nurtures your body, and practicing prayer/meditation to cope with the stress can develop in our everyday lives. Leon, who is also an attorney, and entrepreneur at heart is passionate about bringing families together in a way that benefits everyone. He enjoys grilling and playing golf. He works out at our local gym a few times each week and has become more and more interested in the different aspects of wellness and understands how dry salt therapy can compliment any wellness routine.

While visiting family in Tennessee, Tori’s mom suggested a trip to the “salt cave.” Between the two of us, we were thinking we would be venturing out of the city to go underground (Leon) or to a spa with mud soaks and salt scrubs (Tori). When we drove up to a strip mall, we were a bit perplexed. Once inside, we were greeted by gorgeous Himalayan salt lamps and entered the cave for our first dry salt therapy session. What can we say? We loved it! Within 10 minutes we were both so comfortable and relaxed, all we remember is the lights coming back on and the taste of salt on our lips. After the session, our skin felt smooth and we felt recharged. Tori, a lifelong sufferer of seasonal allergies, could breathe freely for once, and Leon, someone who suffers from asthma and sleep apnea, had one of the best night’s sleep of his life.

After our unique experience we thought this would be a great opportunity to bring a new wellness experience to Central Arkansas. We decided that a halotherapy business would be great for our family, community, and provide us with the opportunity to combine our interests in entrepreneurship and wellness.